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Questions and tips to help you select a camp

Mar 05, 2015 01:21PM
Keep these questions in mind when searching for your child’s camp.

1. Is my child emotionally and physically ready for a summer camp? Just because they meet the age requirements doesn’t mean camp is a good fit for your child.

2. Ask what licenses the camp holds.

3. Are they certified through the American Camp Association?

The ACA has over 300 standards on health, safety, facilities, programs and staffing for non-profit camps.

4. What are the qualifications of the director and staff, how long have they worked at the camp?

5. What is the ratio of staff to children?

6. Are all camp counselors and employees background checked and certified in CPR and first aid?

7. Are camp attendees always supervised, even at break time?

8. If an overnight is there supervision at night?

9. Ask for the daily schedule, is the schedule suitable for your child?

10. Ask for a tour of the facility, take notice of safety and cleanliness. Take note when touring if children are present, are they happy? Do the employees look like they are enjoying their job?

11. Will the children be transported anywhere? If yes, in what type of vehicle and who will be driving the vehicle?

12. How do they handle conflict among campers?

13. What is their discipline policy?

14. How do you handle a bully?

15. What is the age range of the campers, and is the camp co-ed?

16. If mixing older with younger ages will they be separated into age appropriate groups during activities?

17. What are the camp hours?

18. Do you provide extended hours for working parents? If yes, what supervision is giving during that time, is it structured or free time?

19. Is lunch provided? If so, does it cost extra? Inform the camp about food allergies.

20. If children must bring their own lunches, are they refrigerated until lunch time?

21. Does the camp provide snacks? Is there a refund policy if my child doesn’t like the camp?

22. Ask for references and talk to friends with children, good camps have good reputations.