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Carroll Hospital Center Welcomes the Healing Power of Art

Nov 03, 2014 06:28PM
Carroll Hospital Center Welcomes the healing power of art

Art in its many forms has the power to heal, soothe and comfort patients and their families in times of stress and discomfort. That is the principle behind many of the design elements found inside the new William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center and Tevis Center for Wellness at Carroll Hospital Center.

Thanks to the generosity of local philanthropists Dr. Robert Scott and Mrs. Carolyn Scott, the hallways, patient rooms and common areas of both centers are lined with stunning original paintings and photos from an array of locally and nationally renowned artists. Each work of art was hand-selected by hospital staff for its intrinsic healing properties. Both centers also are equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system designed to deliver a tranquil, transporting audio experience to patients and visitors.

“The Scotts’ gift of art and sound is a powerful tool in our caregivers’ mission of creating environments that support the total patient,” says Leslie Simmons, president and CEO of Carroll Hospital Center. “We are proud of the healing, comforting surroundings that our patients and families can experience – along with excellent clinical care.”

One stunning display of artwork at the heart of the cancer center’s design is Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light® images. Installed within the ceilings of the radiation treatment and CT imaging rooms, these colorful, interpretive paintings are designed to transform high-stress settings into relaxing spaces. The non-referential, abstract style of Kamin’s paintings encourages patients to create their own personal meaning as they reflect and interact with the images. This, according to Kamin, evokes the body’s natural relaxation response, thereby stimulating the integration of the patient’s body, mind and spirit during the treatment process.

Lisa Fiedler Jaworski artworkThe work of Lisa Fiedler Jaworski, a celebrated local painter and mixed media artist, is also on prominent display in both centers. Jaworski mixes delicate, three-dimensional images of flowers along with inspirational words and phrases to create pieces that promote hope, joy and comfort to those in need of spiritual or physical strength. She also incorporates mustard seed into almost every piece. “I believe the verse that says, ‘if you have faith as small as a mustard seed … Nothing will be impossible for you,’” she explains. Hospital patients and visitors can purchase Jaworski’s prints—and even commission a custom Jaworski work—at the Wellness Boutique, a holistic-healing-focused gift shop located inside the Tevis Center for Wellness.

With the addition of the Tevis Center for Wellness and the Kahlert Regional Cancer Center, Carroll Hospital Center joins a growing number of health care organizations and facilities nationwide that are incorporating art into their healing philosophies—and there’s measurable data to support the trend. A recent study done at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, for example, demonstrated that using music therapy when preparing children for CT scans significantly reduced the use of sedative medications and associated overnight stays. It also decreased the need for repeat CTs because of poor-quality scans.

The physicians at Carroll Hospital Center are wholehearted advocates of the art-in-medicine movement. “We know now that caring for our patients requires more than just a focus on physical health,” says Flavio Kruter, M.D., medical director of the hospital’s cancer program. “We have to support our patients as people first—and that means providing for them spiritually and emotionally as much as we do medicinally.”

Visit the NEW William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center, Tevis Center for Wellness and Wellness Boutique on Carroll Hospital Center’s main campus at 291 Stoner Avenue in Westminster. You can also take a virtual tour of the cancer center now at CarrollHospitalCenter.orgCancer.

By Carroll Hospital Center